Bible prophecy, commentary, Minor prophets, zechariah

Zech 14:15-19


(15) The plague will also affect the horse, mule, camel, donkey, and cattle in the camp of the wicked. This parallels Zech 12:4 where God promised to bewilder the horses and strike the riders with madness.

(16) Before probation closes at the end of time, those who had arrayed themselves against Jerusalem will still have the opportunity to repent and join the side of God’s people, and some will do so. God has room for them. In 2 Chr 6:32-33 Solomon prayed that any foreigner who prayed toward the temple would be received. Isaiah predicted that ruthless nations would revere the Lord (Isa 25:3) and Hosea predicted that those who were not God’s people would become His people (Hos 2:23). In the end there will be no Canaanite in the house of the Lord (Zech 14:21).

Then all will come from year to year to worship the King at the feast of booths or tabernacles. This was based on the Jewish festival calendar. What it will look like in an eschatological fulfillment is yet to be seen.

(17-19) Once the New Jerusalem returns to earth it will not happen that some may refuse to attend the feast and worship the King. Had Zechariah’s prophecy been fulfilled according to God’s original desires for Israel, then this part of the prophecy would have applied. However, it cannot be applied to the final situation after the eradication of sin.

Had Israel become the beacon God intended for them to become the earth would have experienced a great revival and the nations would have poured into Jerusalem to worship God. And God would have dealt with those who continued to refuse to acknowledge Him as God by not sending the rain on them, which was one of the curses for breaking the covenant (Deut 11:17, 28:23-24). This curse fell instead on Israel, because it also refused to acknowledge the Lord (1 Kgs 8:35, 2 Chr 7:13, Isa 5:6, Jas 5:17).

Egypt in particular seems to be a prophetic symbol for godlessness because Pharaoh said, “Who is the Lord that I should obey Him?” (Ex 5:2). The result, of course, was that the plagues from the Lord fell upon the people of Egypt.


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