Bible prophecy, commentary, Minor prophets, zechariah

Zech 14:9-11


(9) Then the Lord will be the one and only king and one and only name over all the earth just as Daniel’s prophecy foretold (Dan 2:44) along with the other prophets as well (e.g. Ps 2:6-8, Isa 2:2-4, Isa 54:5, Mic 4:1-3).

A plain

(10) The landscape will be changed in the vicinity of the the holy city. Whether this happens at the time when the feet of Christ descend on the Mount of Olives (verse 4) or whether it is an additional restructuring as part of recreating the earth is not stated. Either way, though, this mountainous region will be transformed into a huge plain.

Geba to Rimmon

Geba indicates the northern extreme of the plain and Rimmon the southern. The SDA Comm identifies Geba with modern Jeba’, about 9 km NE of Jerusalem, and Rimmon it identifies with En-rimmon, about 14 km NE of Beersheba. This indicates the north and south borders of Judah, as did Geba and Beersheba in 2 Kings 23:8.

Jerusalem will rise

Jerusalem, it seems, will be situated higher than the rest of the plain. This fits also with the predictions of Isa 2:33, Ezek 40:2, and Mic 4:1. Here God’s promise in Ezek 37:26 to place a sanctuary in their midst forever is fulfilled. Also Joel 3:17 is fulfilled along with many others.

The gates

The gates, the Tower of Hananel and the king’s wine presses mark the boundaries of the city proper. Several OT passages mention these landmarks.


(11) God’s people will live in the city, there will be no more devoted thing, and they will be secure. Devoted things were things that were placed under a curse. During the conquest of Canaan the cities that were utterly destroyed were cherem, devoted to destruction. In the New Jerusalem there will be no such thing. The curse of sin will be gone as well as the curses of the covenant. The LXX uses the word anathema, which means accursed. Rev 22:3 also says that there will no longer be any curse.


Security is one of our most basic needs right after the air we need for breathing. Nothing else is important when we are afraid for our lives. Right at the beginning of Zechariah the promise was made that Jerusalem would be a city without walls and filled with people (Zech 2:4). Isa 26:1 and Ezek 34:25 also promised security. Zech 3:15 and Zech 9:8 promised that they would no longer fear disaster and oppression.


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